Pure Hydroponic Lettuce

Pure Hydroponic Lettuce

What is Hydroponics?

Simply put, hydroponics is the process of growing plants with essential nutrients in water without soil. But it's much more than that. It's clean, safe and more sustainable than traditional growing methods. It's good for the environment, and good for you. Other varieties of lettuce are simply green with envy.

The Lettuce

Green Leaf Lettuce
Red Leaf Lettuce
Butter Leaf Lettuce

Now for the tasty part. Pure Hydroponic Lettuce comes in several varieties, each with its own distinct flavor. But no matter which variety you choose, you can be confident that it's fresher than fresh. Our greenhouses are cleverly designed to allow us to grow green, bountiful products 365 days a year. It's grown closer to where you live and takes less than 24 hours to make its way from our greenhouses to the shelves of your local grocery store. And since each head of lettuce comes with the roots still attached, they'll stay fresher in your fridge longer.

Requires Fewer Resources

It's more efficient, requiring less land and water than traditional growing methods.

Environmentally Awesome

No agricultural runoff means it's better for the environment.

Pesticide Free

No pesticides, herbicides or GMOs, so it's better for your family.